PZK PLLC works with newly launched businesses along with established companies at every stage of the business process. With expertise in Intellectual Property, New Media, transactional and Litigation, we’re here to support your business legal needs. 


Intellectual Property

PZK PLLC advises its clients on how to protect their valuable intellectual property assets, including:

  • Copyrights + Trademarks 

  • Licensing Agreements 

  • Permissions + Clearances 



PZK PLLC advises its clients on how to establish a strong online presence while complying with the many regulations applicable to online activities, including help clients devlelop strong Terms of Use and Privacy Policies


Transactional and Corporate

PZK PLLC provides invaluable support to its clients at all stages of their corporate development and growth

  • Corporate Formation and Registration 
  • Transfers of interest between company principals
  • Managing the sales of companies
  • Vendor/subcontractor contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Service and distribution agreements


PZK PLLC assists clients with conflict resolution. When an individual or business finds itself in conflict with another party, and at the threshold of what could become a protracted litigation, PZK PLLC, with a strong background in both litigation and mediation, works on behalf of its clients to find satisfactory outcomes to conflicts, using alternative means of dispute resolution and interest-based strategies, resorting to litigation only if absolutely necessary.  However, if settlement cannot be reached, drawing on significant experience as a litigator at both a large New York law firm and a government agency of the City of New York, Mr. Kimball zealously represents his clients’ interests.